Scale your business with less management

Do you have a key business process that your clients love? The only problem is that you have now hit a wall in terms of man power? 

  • You could hire more people but then you have to find more space for them.
  • You could outsource the work to an overseas workforce but that can get complicated quick and will probably involve a lot of late night phone calls.
  • You could try your hand at crowdsourcing it, but your data is sensitive.

Here at zCrowd we have mastered scaling a business process. We know this because of our long history running crowdsourcing tasks.  In that industry you can't review everyone's work, you can't provide employee feedback, you don't have the luxury of even knowing the name of the person you are working with.  It is a raw world of work turned into tasks and done at super high volumes.

In the crowdsourcing world, it is easy to loose control of the project and spend money on terrible results. For that reason it is the perfect test bed for building a tool for automating business processes. That is what we did when we built the zCrowd platform.

Because of our history, we have some huge advantages over the old ways of getting work done. Here are some highlights.

We always manage for quality without adding more managers. 

We can do that by using a system of grading and reputations to have workers grade each other. Our system in the middle can figure out who is being naughty or nice and makes sure we move the work around accordingly.

We can providing accounting reports the way you want them.

Do you need to see the price per unit? Do you need to know how much you are paying by the hour, week, month, or year? We can do this and provide it to you as a spreadsheet or any other format. 

We can integrate with anything you are running.

The core of zCrowd is some excellent software engineering. Let us talk with your CTO or developers and we will figure out how to turn this into a fully automated process.

We can run this anywhere you can put a server.

Do you have your own network? Do you need the data protected and secure. Not a problem, zCrowd is built to be deployed fast and often. We will just need a server to setup your system on.

And most importantly... We can work with your existing workforce.

The key here it to turn the work into tasks. Once that is figured out we can work with your existing employees, an overseas team, or blend in any other workforce. The process doesn't care, we just need to setup the logins and starting reputations.


That is what we have built and would love to tell you about it more.