Do I have to use crowdsourcing to use zCrowd?

No, zCrowd is built on the hard lessons of managing online workers from Mechanical Turk. We have seen everything, from workers cheating to being unskilled.  We have also seen workers improve and helped push them up to places of more responsibility. If you have online workers that are core to your business then you can use our system and everything we know as well.

How would I use this with an online workforce?

zCrowd is based around the idea of giving workers tasks. Our first step would be to help turn your workflow into a series of tasks that different workers can do. From there we would build forms that the workers would fill out to complete the task. Finally we would test it with a small group until we were confident that the team understood the instructions and had an efficient interface for typing in the data.

Do I have to pay my workers by the task?

No, we have a very flexible accounting system that can tell you how much you owe or are paying for each piece of work. If you want to pay workers by the hour, week, or month then it is pretty easy to see what sort of performance you are getting and to integrate our reports into your accounting system so you can track the true Cost of Goods and Services (COGS).