What is zCrowd?

If you have an online workforce that is doing the same tasks every day you should contact us about what we can do for you. We have a unique way to build an infinitely scalable workforce without increasing the amount of management overhead.

Here are some examples of what we have done.

  • We have managed workers going to over 486,661 websites to collect information
  • We have managed workers reviewing and collecting information from 40,658 pdf court documents to be loaded into another system.
  • We have managed workers who had to categorize 52,071 businesses by their NAICS code.
  • We have managed workers who listened and compared 6,889 songs.

Our system is ideal for companies that regularly managing workers who are

  • Reviewing documents
  • Categorizing items
  • Collecting data online
  • Automating on-boarding of clients

We are excited to use it to manage any large scale operation with distributed workers so please feel free to contact us and we will see if there is some way it can efficiently manage your business processes.


Get a Quote

Advice is free. Setup a time with us and we would be happy to talk about your workforce situation and how you could automate the management.



It was just like managing one employee who just so happened to manage thousands of invisible employees for me.
— Katie F. / Operating Programs Manager, e-commerce fraud protection
I really value the relationship I have with [founders] Isaac and Matt. I trust those guys. I’m a fan of the model. The thing that drew me in was the reputation management system and the quality management system, which was different to a more plurality-based model.
— Rob L. / Project and Product Manager, legal services
We were very impressed by the quality of the results you guys gave us, and your customer service was outstanding. The last time we ran a project like this it took one month; you guys did it in one week and blew us away with the results and cost.
— Luis F. Borrero / Founder, DR-i-VE
With zCrowd we can do data processing on weekends and evenings.
— Nathan McFarland / Entrepreneur


About zCrowd

We are a software development firm in Seattle that has done a lot of crowdsourcing work. Because of that we had to solve many problems related to getting quality results from workers that we might only know for a few minutes. What we found was that crowdsourcing is very good for distributing the load.  For example if you have 1000 documents to read and enter in the database, why not summon 100 people and each of them do 10 document.


The problem you immediately hit is that you don’t know if each of these people actually did the work. Some of them simply type in garbage and now you are stuck looking through everything that was done which doesn’t save you much time.

We faced this problem and created what we call the Progressive Quality Review or PQR process which uses a predictive model to figure out when a worker is about to make a mistake and then have other workers jump in to check it over. The result is the super efficient and scalable system zCrowd.



Setup Costs

We need $5000 to setup the first workflow. If you use our service for 6 months we will refund this cost. Each additional workflow we setup is $5000/month.

If you want to work with mTurk we will need a refundable deposit of 2 months for crowdsourcing costs after we do an estimate.


Workflow Hosting

$5,000/month for each workflow + crowd costs


We will setup your workflow and workforce.

  • PQR Process for infinitely scalable work management
  • Automated Dispute Resolution
  • Automated Pricing
  • optional mTurk integration
  • Monthly accounting reports

zCrowd private server



All the features isolated to your server. 

  • Unlimited workflows
  • Software updates
  • 10 hours/month for training and support